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Core Values

  • I love Maryland and Marylanders. And, we aren’t perfect. There are systemic injustices that
    have existed for decades that need to be addressed so that we can all thrive
  • Diversity is something to be celebrated, and we are stronger because of it
  • All people are deserving of a voice in our political process. All, regardless of race, ethnicity,
    religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, legal status, national origin, ancestry,
    age, differing mental or physical ability, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity
  • It is sad that it needs to be said today, but I believe that sound science and data need to be
    utilized in policy decisions, especially in regards to the environment, education and economic
  • It is important that we increase participation in all parts of the political process. This includes
    not only increased voting, but also ways to engage and involve everyone in regular political
    decisions that affect our communities
  • The University of Maryland, College Park, is one of many important resources in our district. We
    are stronger when we work together to help improve our schools and communities and we
    should seek more opportunities for partnership

Eliminating Big Money

Big money is a big threat to our democratic system. Politicians continue to represent the interests of corporations and Political Action Committee’s (PACs) that give large amounts of money to their campaigns. And as we continue to see, we the people often lose out.

Voters of all persuasions agree: our system is broken, and there needs to be a change.

Ray is the only candidate for the 21st district who hasn’t and will never take any money from corporations and PACs. It’s the right thing to do, and the change we want to see. 

It’s not that all corporations and PACs are bad, or that all politicians who take their money are bad. It’s that taking corporate and PAC money creates a system that gives them outsized influence in public policy. We don’t just need better politicians who only take money from the good guys. We need a different system. Ray’s job is to work for the common good, and that isn’t always the interest of corporations and PACs.

But that doesn’t go far enough. Political office shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy or those with a lot of wealthy friends. Ray is also limiting how much money he’ll take from any individual to just 10% of the legal limit, because it’s more important to be beholden to all the voters than to a few big donors. He and his family will also be held to the same donation limit. No one should have to be wealthy in order to run for office.

Legally, Ray can take more.  Much more.  And yes, ‘everybody’s doing it’.  But we all know that often there is a difference between what we can do and what we should do. Ray is working hard for better election systems. And, running a principled campaign and winning will show that even if the laws don’t change right away, conventional wisdom about what is possible (and best) will.

Your Voice

You know the drill. Every four years politicians send a bunch of mail and ask for our vote. And then they rarely, if ever, ask us what we think. We don’t just need a better campaign, but a movement.

I want your vote, but I need your voice. Maryland needs your voice! As a chaplain and community leader, I have spent years building bridges and bringing everyone to the table. The way I live and the way I will represent you is to invite everyone to help set policy, share ideas, and review legislation. Right now, the lobbyists, special interests, and a few party leaders seem to be the ones with the seats at the decision table in Annapolis. Everyone has a story to tell and that story isn’t being heard – I want you at the table telling your story so that together we can make our state better.

We might not always agree on the all issues.  But I will always listen to and value your ideas.

I’m inviting you to be a part of a movement, trying something new to help make our government work better. Will you join me?

Why Independent?

At the local Shoppers Grocery Store, there are over 50 different kinds of toothpaste.  We love having choices. And yet we are told we only need two options in the voting booth. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice things we care about because of a lack of options. Both major parties have different philosophies, but the one thing they have in common is that they continue to take big money from corporations and political action committees, giving outsized influence to big donors. That means no matter who wins, corporations, lobbyists and special interests win – especially when there isn’t another choice. We need a better way.

We live in an increasingly polarized environment where candidates – and neighbors – are immediately dismissed by a large group of people simply because of their party affiliation. That’s all campaigns seem to do these days. Putting other people down might play well to a party base, but it’s not good for our communities and it’s not good for democracy.

Instead of stoking divisions, I want to talk about issues that matter. Introducing another viable option changes the conversation, and in the end will make all parties more accountable to the interests of our community.

Ray’s not interested in politics as usual. He’s not interested in scoring cheap political points. Nor is he interested in playing the same game that we see over and over again. That’s why in Annapolis, Ray will continue to build bridges between people from many different backgrounds – so that we can get things done that benefit our communities.

Join Us!

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